What is Oldschool

Old School bridges the gap between the new world of Blockchain based technologies/solutions and the traditional Business world as it exists today.

Old School is very active in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Old School provides Consulting and Financial Services to decentralized projects.

Old School supports the Blockchain on Tour Roadshow, which presents Blockchain based products you can use today and helps to onboard customers.

Old School runs BLOX, the annual Blockchain Trade Show, showcasing a holistic view of the Ecosystem.

Old School can Audit your Smart Contracts

Email us at: audit@oldschool.ag

Featured Blog

Toshi — Live Ethereum Dapp

This is a series of posts, covering Dapps (Decentralized Apps) that are Live and can be used right now. 2018 in my opinion is the year we will for the first time see regular users use Blockchain based products.